Why A Notary Needs A Bond 

A notary public is an official appointed position by the Secretary of State in each given state. As with most public officials, the State requires that the individual obtain a surety or notary bond prior to receiving their appointment. This bond "makes sure" that if the official violates the public trust through negligence of their duties, funds are available to reimburse the State for its loss. The primary responsibility of a notary [...]

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Electronic Notary with e-Notarization

Let The Notary Come To Your Computer With E-Notarization. Electronic notarization or e-notarization is when a notary public, or an e-notary, notarizes documents over the internet electronically. With e-notarization there are no papers physically signed or printed and it is all done using an e-notary's digital stamp, electronic notary seal, or other kinds of electronic signatures via the internet. An electronic notary seal is a digital version of the traditional notary seal [...]

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Identifying A Signer

One of the keystones of notarization is the proper identification of the signer. The notary must always be totally and completely satisfied as to the identity of the signer before proceeding with the notarization. However, in today's pandemic world of CDC mandated mask-wearing, identifying a signer can be extremely problematic. While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has given the public legitimate reasons to wear a face covering, every notary public still must be [...]

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Choosing a Better Quality Notary Public

How to Choose a Better Quality Notary Public   Fraud is a common problem in all legal matters. That is why many people use a Notary Public for the witnessing of the signing of documents and legal forms. A Notary Public is also a form of justice of the peace. They render document signing services and can be found within the court systems in most areas.    Another option is a Mobile [...]

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Nationwide Notary Service

REQUEST A NOTARY HERE ARE A FEW HELPFUL REMINDERS Every person signing and or notarizing must be in attendance and have a valid ID. This can be a current state ID or Driver’s License, Military ID or passport. *NOTE: There will be no refunds given if any or all parties do not have a valid ID. Please provide a valid contact number, you can place more than one in additional comments. The [...]

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