Let The Notary Come To Your Computer With E-Notarization. Electronic notarization or e-notarization is when a notary public, or an e-notary, notarizes documents over the internet electronically. With e-notarization there are no papers physically signed or printed and it is all done using an e-notary’s digital stamp, electronic notary seal, or other kinds of electronic signatures via the internet.

An electronic notary seal is a digital version of the traditional notary seal used on all those old school paper documents, complete with the required corresponding data that confirms the notary’s name, jurisdiction, and commission expiration date.
An electronic notary signature is a unique, independently verifiable image of the e-notary’s handwritten signature that is attached to the document in a way that a document cannot be altered, and contains unique identifying numbers which are known only by the notary in question and the Secretary of State.

Modern technology is used to both verify the identity of a client and the signature of an electronic notary signee, permitting and resulting in e-notarization being considered legal today by most federal and state laws. The increased global usage of e-notarization should result in substantial time and money saved for both notaries and their clients. Using electronic notarization can, for example, allow a client needing a certain document, such as a bill or a bid, to be electronically available from their home or business as soon as possible before the e-notary. The e-notary can then, after following all prescribed practices, electronically sign the document and immediately transmit the document electronically, securely and safely to numerous people or locations.

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E-notarization is the way of the future that streamlines the modern process of notarization, significantly reduces processing time, eliminates signing errors and redundancy, increases compliance, and decreases delivery expense.

The efficiency of E-Notarization greatly improves and enhances the customer service provided by every United States certified notary public.

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