A notary public can usually be found at banks, copy centers, and private offices. They welcome walk-in clients and operate during business hours.

However, most people who need the signing services of a notary are working during the day and unable to leave their homes and/or offices.  They have to wait until they get off work late in the day and find a notary public whose office is open during the evening hours or over the weekends. Others who may need a mobile notary include:

Senior citizens who may have difficulties in traveling to the notary’s office and/or finding someone who can drive them there.

Bedridden patients at hospitals or nursing homes who remain unable to travel for notarization of legal documents such as a power of attorney.

Company executives, business owners, attorneys and/or doctors who cannot sacrifice an hour from their hectic and demanding work day to go to a notary public office.

It’s now overwhelmingly obvious that people from almost every niche of the world need the signing services of a notary public.  Let’s now explore the benefits of a traveling notary:

Convenient: Set up an appointment over the phone or email and have it done at your own place.

Timesaver: When you live in a big, crowded city, the time you spend to get ready, travel, find parking spots near the notary office, wait for the notary to be available if they are serving another client, and then travel back to your place is probably not time wisely spent.  

Multiple signers: When you have more than two parties sign a document, it is easier to gather everyone at one central place with the notary public.  

Traveling notaries offer the same level of service and professionalism.  They respect their clients’ time and provide a quick but thorough process for securing properly notarized documents.  Notary On The Way [http:notaryontheway.com] is an example of a traveling notary public nationwide.  They will go to your location and provide affordable notary services.  For your signing needs contact Notary On The Way [http:notaryontheway.com] today.