In a notary’s dream there are lenders instead of sheep, papers instead of monsters and pens instead of spoons. When the sun is up a notary’s life is far simpler to you and me, but for them it is still related to their dreams of how they help people. Once their feet hit the floor they are ready to go, cunning and eager to sign.

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Once in the car the notary is getting ready to properly review and complete the documents awaiting the notary’s arrival.  On the road contemplation is a normal condition that sets in for many notaries. But they do not allow their mind to get distracted from their ultimate goal of proper document review, signature and closing.

Once the notary is at the home of the person urgently requiring the notary’s seal and signature, the notary is ready to sit down with the signers and witness their identity and signature on the docs at hand. If all goes as planned from the contemplation car ride, the notary is ready to go and get the docs back to the required entity.  The notary uploads the signed documents to the secure cloud server.

Immediately upon the document completion, the secure cloud server removes all future access to the coveted document, and the notary is finished.  Another notary assignment completed with the absolute and complete security and protection of the signings.

A job well done. Thanks Mobile Notary Hero …!

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