How To Become A Notary Public

Notary publics are of very ancient origin. They first became prominent among the Romans during the 1500s. The activities of notaries have long been abided by the custom of merchants and by the courts of all countries. Notaries were initially selected by the Pope or the Archbishop of Canterbury. During that time, they were proficient in foreign languages, as well as the principles and practices of law. Today, a Notary Public is [...]

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How To Find A Top Notch Mobile Notary Public

Notaries are commissioned by the state for witnessing the signing of important documents. In specific circumstances notaries may be needed to act as intermediaries between the state and corporations or individuals. The usual procedure involves visiting the notary's office where important documents that pertain to valuable information on private loans or personal information are witnessed and signed as part of a verification process. In today’s pandemic world it is often not possible [...]

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