Do you have a document you need to have notarized and have no idea how to locate a notary or what one does or charges? Our notaries are here to assist you every step of the process. Keep in mind a notary in the United States has a much different job role than in other countries. We are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice.

With that disclaimer in place, let us educate you on just what a notary is and what the notary can do for you. A notary is an impartial third party, with no vested interest in the document or documents you are presenting them with. What this means is the notary is not named within the document itself and has no financial interest.

The notary’s job is simple. You personally appear before a notary (the person named in the document and signing it), present proper photo ID and sign the document in the presence of the notary. DO NOT sign the document prior to appearing before the notary. As notaries, we are not interested in the content of the document, but will look at the document for obvious blank areas (which will need to be filled in or crossed out). We will note the type of document in our notary journal, along with your ID information, the date and the time. That’s all a notary does.

Once the document is signed, we will sign and stamp your document, provided there is correct notary language. If correct notary language does not exist, we will attach a sheet of paper to the document with the correct notary language for California, and sign and stamp that sheet.

The completed notarized document will be presented back to you, the client, and a fee will be collected. Please note that not all notaries charge the same fees for services, such as a mobile notary services and some notaries who are more qualified in understanding your document needs. Several documents which cannot be notarized include vital records — birth, death and marriage certificates.

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